About Us

My name is Forrest Taft and I’m the creator of GoBandit, your one stop destination for all action cam ideas, reviews, and a place to get started on your action camera journey.

So about 10 years ago I got involved with downhill mountain biking traveling across the US and I decided it was time to purchase an action camera to record some of the trails.

Back then the GoPro was the default action camera to buy but there were many decisions that come into play when deciding which accessories to get.

However, there was one factor I was certain of… I wanted epic videos!  I had seen many videos on YouTube of downhill riding and I felt like it didn’t quite capture the thrill as well as the scenery.

Action cameras were still fairly new and there weren’t as many accessories for each sport like there are today so I had to learn to piece together or fabricate my own accessories to get the shot right.  At one point I created a swivel that attached to my helmet that could do a 360 of me and the scenery as I rode.

Over time my obsession grew with filming/editing videos and fellow riders would ask me for recommendations for camera gear and setup.  As time went on more and more competing products came to market as well as new and unique accessories.   The Insta360 allowed full 360 shots, new mounts came out for bikes, motorcycles, cars, helmets, etc…

Over the years I tried out different cameras and accessories and this organically grew into putting thoughts to words and creating a blog.

My goal for the site is share what I have learned about action cameras and help you find the best products, tools, ideas that help your shots appear the best.

Hopefully some of what I share will help you on your journey as well as help you make a more informed buying decision to get the right gear for your setup.